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What should I bring to my lesson?  Most, importantly, a great attitude!  In physical things, please bring any music that we’re working on, plus your theory book, assignment notebook, & flash cards (not all students have these).  Putting them with your school books or items that you'll take to work the night before your lesson will help ensure that they arrive with you.

I haven’t practiced, so I’ll leave my music at home & tell teacher I forgot it. She won’t know, will she?  She’ll know. Teacher has been there & heard that. Practice. I won't believe that the dog ate your music either.  ;-)

How much should I practice?  Beginners must practice a minimum of 20 minutes per day, 5 days per week. As you advance, you’ll need to increase your practice time. I am very strict with children & teens about practice time.  If you don't practice, you will be nervous & unhappy in your lessons, and you won't learn much.  You'll be repeating the same music over & over every week.  That's no fun!  Students who don't practice will be dismissed from my studio.

Will there be a recital?  Do I have to play if I don't want to?  We usually offer a recital in the spring.  It's a little different every year.  Participation is NEVER mandatory.  Playing in public should be fun, not terrifying!

Should I bring my sick child to piano lessons?  If your child has a a contagious illness, a fever, or a stomach problem, he or she should not attend the lesson.  Please see the Art's Studio page on this website for information about cancellations.

Where can I buy a piano or keyboard?  Art's Music Shop in Montgomery can help you.  If you intend to buy a used instrument from an individual, a store or a service, ask me about things to watch for when shopping.

Where can I get my piano tuned or repaired?  Call Art's Music Shop (334-271-2787), Mr. David Stone (334-450-6394), Mr. Richard Hill (334-315-8029), Thomas Piano Service (334-288-0941), or Glasgow Piano Services (334-272-2444).

Is it okay to leave my keyboard plugged in when I'm not playing it?  Keyboards can be severely damaged by power surges or lightning strikes nearby. Unplug your keyboard when it's not in use, or invest in a high-quality surge protector for it.

Can I play the piano with long nails?  Sorry, but no, you really can't.  The piano is played with the tips of your fingers.  If your nails are longer than your fingertips, they will slide and click on the keys.  Sometimes they even get caught in the spaces between the keys, and that is painful.  If you decide to study piano, it's time to cut your nails.

Where can I get sheet music & books?  Art's Music Shop is our local music dealer.  If you'd like to purchase music for your lessons, please let me help you!  Together we'll find pieces that are appropriate for your level of study, so you'll enjoy playing them & won't waste money.

Can my family come to my lesson?  Absolutely!