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Am I too old for lessons?
In a word, no!  If you are still young enough to enjoy music, you are not too old!  If you have the time and the patience, you can play and enjoy the piano!

​I find that the biggest obstacles to learning to play an instrument as an adult are having expectations that are too big and patience that is too small.

Adult minds can understand the concepts of playing the piano fairly quickly & without too much trouble.  An adult brain is like a child's brain in learning music, though.  It has to learn how to coordinate the extremely fine communication between brain and eyes and hands and fingers. The brain has to create new pathways!  That process is slow and cannot be rushed.  It requires a lot of time, a lot of practice, and A LOT of patience.

Adults almost always ask me, "How long until I'm, well, good?"  The answer has to be, "I have no idea.  That depends on you."  How much time you have available to practice.  How much patience and tolerance you have for yourself.  How determined you are.

As an adult, you absolutely can learn to play the piano, and have fun while doing it! 
Studying music can offer new things to learn, new skills to explore, and ways to enrich your life that are too big, too great, to put into words!