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Piano Lessons at Art's Music Shop
**I have not yet returned to teaching piano lessons in public since the pandemic but hope to very soon!  I am fully vaccinated.  If you are fully vaccinated & interested in lessons, please contact me!**

Art's is located at 3030 East Boulevard, near the intersection of East Boulevard ("The Bypass") & Vaughn Road.  The building has big music notes on the front!  To see the Art's Music Shop website, please click here.  To see a map to the store, please click here.

Our piano studio is located in the back of the store.  Ask any of the sales associates and they'll show you where we are.  The sales people at Art's are great - patient, helpful and nice.  They can help you find sheet music, buy a piano or keyboard, or have other instruments repaired.

Lessons are usually 30 minutes in length and are scheduled back to back.   I generally accept students age 7 and older, second grade and up. At 7, some children are ready for piano lessons & some are not yet. Please see the "Ready to Play?" page on this site for more information about that.

​Parents, you are welcome to attend your child's piano lesson anytime!  In fact, some parents choose to sit in on every lesson.  The more you & I communicate, the more productive your child's lessons will be!  If you would prefer to wait outside, there is a seating area outside our room.

**I am strict about practice. Without it, students will not enjoy their lessons & won't make progress.  That's no fun for anybody.  Students must practice a MINIMUM of 20 minutes per day, 5 days per week. Those who don't will be dismissed.  Parents, you & I need to work together.  Please help at home by supporting this practice policy.**  For tips about practice, please check the "Practice" page on this site.

​My students usually offer a recital in the spring. Participation in our recital is never mandatory!  I do my best to insure that playing in a recital is a fun and low-stress experience that will create fun memories!

Currently the charge for lessons is $25 per half hour lesson.  I bill each student after the end of each month.  Invoices usually are sent around the 10th of each month through US Mail.  Please return payment by the end of that month.  Thank you! 

People get sick and absences are sometimes unavoidable.  If you cancel your lesson no later than noon on the day of the lesson, you will not be charged for it.  In order to avoid charge, your cancellation message must actually reach me!  Messages that I receive from my home answering machine after waiting for a student will not qualify - you will be charged.  To reach me, please call or text my business cell phone at 334-201-1530.  I will respond to messages that I receive!  I'll be happy to give you my e-mail address as well, just ask.  (I prefer not to print it publicly here.)